What is TSC21?

What is TSC21?

TSC21 can be considered as "Platform" or "Flamework" that innovates BAS (Building Automation Systems) and BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) technology for networking information environments. TSC21 has been developed to simplify remote area building energy management.

TSC includes essential elements:

TSC21 stands for "Tools of Solutions and Communications for BEMS fo the 21st century".

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TSC21 Core Technologies

TSC/com Logo

Communication Protocols and Software

TSC/com is communication protocols to transfer data using the internet standard protocol; HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).

TSC/com is provided as software, so it is possible to create communication environments by installing it on a computer.

TSC/prog Logo

Data Management and Logic Construction Tools

TSC/prog is data management tools. It is divided into "the Custom Files" and "the Logic Engine".

The Custom Files are plain text files to descrive settings. The Logic Engine is Java programs with various roles and it is proveded as ready-made Java archives. If you are Java programmer, it is possible to create a new Logic Engine.

TSC/codes Logo

Data Naming Convention

TSC/codes is Naming conventions that unifies all data that relates to energy management: measurement and control, communications, applications, and machine codes on design drawings.

TSC/naming_code is not software but conventions, so it is provided as document. The Public Review version can be download.


Download TSC/codes Public Review(ZIP file, 71kB. Currently Japanese only.)

TSC/ctrl Logo

Control Specifications for Thermal Storage System

TSC/ctrl is the specification of the thermal storage control equipment. It contains not only "Function specification", but also concrete "Implementation techniques".

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TSC21 Solves BAS Problems

Communication Problems :

  • Can't see the existing data on central supervisory board.
  • Can't manage data in remote locations.
  • Difficult to implement software only by reading the specification.


  • Data can be exchanged by the Internet.
  • Easy to implement since it is provided as software.

Control Logic Problems

  • Can’t evaluate the current status of control logic and parameters.
  • Even small changes are costly and time-consuming.
  • Difficult to make changes on site.


  • Control logic and Parameters are written in simple text files.
  • Save extra cost and time since it is easy to customize on site.
  • Make most of accumulated know-how on operation by installing as control logic.

Data Naming Problems

  • Difficult to find the data that you are looking for.
  • Difficult to manage data since each building has a different name for the same data.


  • Same data have same name throughout all buildings.
  • Easy to identify each data according to layered structure.
  • Accomplish the management and operation more efficiently since converting naming of data on each building is redundant.

Thermal Storage System Specific Problems

  • A simple control of the field equipment doesn't work well, and the thermal storage air-conditioning system doesn't accomplish effectively.


  • Release the accumulated know-how as "control specification".
  • Achieve a high-level and stable control by combined with TSC/prog.

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The world of TSC21 solutions

For Owners

  • Achieve the complex heat source control system of our building.
  • Expert consultants make building operations efficient by effective data management.

For Designers

  • Realize the efficient management and control of thermal storage air-conditioning system with TSC21.
  • TSC/codes helps to manage the data point lists.

For Contractors

  • Rationalize the adjustment work on the worksite.

For Manufuctures

  • Develop a thermal storage controller according to TSC/ctrl.
  • Develop a floor-integrated controller.

For Energy Companies

  • Monitor NAS battery systems using TSC21.
  • Optimize heat conservation system with TSC21 to cut energy usage during peak periods.

For Consultants

  • Offer the remote analysis of a variety of buildings.
  • Accept the benefit of fully automated data collection and error checking.

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